Palestin – Would there ever be peace

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I was up late last night tillthe early morning and was watching the latest new live from BBC. There were two ‘Hot’ news last night. The journey of Barack Obama by train to Washington following the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln and The statement of the Israeli PM ending the hostilities in Gaza.

I’m going to talk about Gaza in particular and Palestin as a whole. Much as we hoped there will be peace in the holy land, I doubt that there would be a day when the sun shines flowers and friendship rather than missiles and rockets from both the hostile parties. As seen from history, the hostile land is not just in terms of terrain but also in terms of human history. It has been the venue of many bloodshed from the early years. Considered as an area of significant religious history by the Muslims, Jews and Christians, it has been fought over since the middle ages. Now, we are not going to dwell on the biblical or Quranic history that has indicated the area as home to many a prophet and messengers of God. But only in recent history going back to the middle ages we have seen bloodsheds such as the Holy Crusades as termed by the Christians.

This small portion of land in a little corner of the earth has been fought over endlessly due to it’s historical significance. Economically it has very little to offer and there is no known natural resources in abundance such as gas or oil or any precious metal. So why are we killing each other?. Can’t we live in harmony and share this little parcel, or is it human greed that dictates that soil is much more imporant than live and blood.

To hear that a lot of efforts has been done by numerous countries in recent years to negotiate peace is very heartwarming. But all the effort thus far has been going down the drain. No ‘Camp David’ can ensure peace in the Middle East. It all goes back to the people and mostly the leaders which would never be satisfied untuil their side owned the strip of land. Sharing has never existed in their vocabulary and it shall never will. If one party is to ever controll the area, the others would still be fighting to capture it back. At the end of the day, we shall still see the bloodshed continue in this strip of barren land.

It is only in our dreams that we shall see peace in the middle east…. sad to say.


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